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Navigating on the site
Use the links on the site to navigate to the products that you are interested in. We offer different products for a variety of needs.

Click on Skincare to view all our different treatment ranges. If you are not familiar with our products, navigate to the products you require by using the “by concern” drop down menu. This will suggest the right products to use, based on your needs.

Click on Foundation to view all our different foundations.   If you are not familiar with our foundations, navigate to the products you require by using the “by concern” drop down menu. This will suggest the right foundation, based on whether you require medium or maximum coverage. Feel free to use the Foundation finder link. This tool has been designed to help establish which colour foundation will best suit your skin tone. Foundation tester sets can also be bought to make sure you have the right shade, before purchasing the actual product.


Click on Body to view all our different products that can be used for Body purposes.   If you are not familiar with our products, navigate to the products you require by using the “by concern” drop down menu. This will suggest the right product, based on your needs.

Click on Powders to view our compact and translucent powders.

Product information
To read more about a product, click on the product image.

If you have any questions about a product, click on “Ask a question about this product” and an email will be sent to our inbox.

Alternatively, visit and read about the products in more detail on this website.


Buying online

To purchase a product, click on the product, then select the quantity you would like to purchase by using the dropdown menu “quantity”. Remember to indicate the number of the shade you’ll require, if the product comes in different shades, then click on “add to cart”.

As you select the different items to purchase, it gets added to the cart. You can see the cart icon in the top right corner and it will display the number of items that have been added to your cart. When you have finished shopping (adding items to your cart), click on the cart icon in the top right corner.


Once you’ve clicked on the cart, a drop down menu will appear, then click on “show cart”. A summary of your purchase will appear on the screen. Make sure that all the items you have selected appear on this summary. Click on the “blue bin” icon if you wish to delete any of the products selected that appear in the summary. Click on the “blue arrows” if you wish to change any of the quantities.


If you have received a coupon or voucher number, this must be inserted in the space provided in the bottom right corner of the summary and click “submit” in order to process the coupon or voucher.


When you are satisfied with the summary of products that you’d like to purchase, click on “checkout” on the bottom of the summary.


Now you will be asked to log in, before you can continue. If you have not registered a log in account with Nailmetics shop yet, click on “New? Please provide info” and fill in all your details. You will notice that we request your ID number during registration. This is merely to help combat fraud in the case where you need to be refunded for a purchase. We require your ID number in order to verify that you were in fact the person that made the purchase when we contact you regarding a refund request. Please refer to our Terms and conditions for more information regarding returns and refunds.

After submitting your registration details, your purchase summary will appear again, click on “next” at the bottom of the page and view your order with the courier fee included. Remember to specify if you would like door-to-door or counter-to-counter (Post Office) delivery. There is no difference in the price for the two options. Click on confirm order.


Nailmetics charges a standard rate of R100.00 for delivery. If your purchase exceeds R1000.00 (incl.VAT) you will not be charged a courier fee. If you received any discount (a coupon or voucher), the purchase must still exceed R1000.00 after the discount has been given.


The site will now take you to the Payfast website, where you will insert all the details required to make the payment. A number of payment methods are available to choose from.


Your order confirmation will be sent to your email account. If you have any questions, you can send us an email by clicking on the contact us link displayed on the bottom right of the site or phone us directly on 012 460 1220.


Deliveries to main centres can be done within seven calendar days and to outlaying areas within seven to 21 calendar days. Refer to our Terms and conditionsterms to read more about or delivery policy. makes use of a secure online payment intermediary called Payfast.

PayFast is developed with the same demands on security and performance as web sites used for banking services and share trading. Your account log in, personal details and all money transactions are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 256 bit encryption.


Your sensitive financial information (like credit/debit card details) is never sent to the people you pay! So you can send money without sending your financial information! So you don't need to worry about paying people you don't know.


Payfast makes use of 3D Secure to further enhance the security of credit card transactions on PayFast for all high value transactions.


Click here to learn more about Payfast:

Lastly, check your email again to view your log in username and password details for Nailmetics Shop. An automatic email was sent to your email account, containing these details, when you completed the registration process. Keep this information in a safe place where you will easily be able to find it again. With your next online purchase, you can simply use the log in details provided in the email to log in, no need to fill out the registration form again. If any of your details have changed, you can click on the log in button where you will find the option to change your details.